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Winchester Park and Ride information

There are 3 Park and Ride sites serving Winchester. Park and Ride is by far the best way to get into and around this historic city. Park your car, pay at the meter and hop onto one of the frequent buses that will take you into the city centre.

Buses run from 06:30 to 20:45 Monday to Fridays and from 07:00 to 18:30 Saturdays every 10-15 minutes with no service on Sundays or Public Holidays. Winchester Park and Ride buses observe all stops in Winchester City Centre, including The Broadway, Railway Station and Royal County Hospital.

legoland park and ride marker St Catherine's Park and Ride
legoland park and ride marker Barfield Park and Ride
legoland park and ride marker South Winchester Park and Ride

By using Park and Ride you will also be helping to keep the city centre a more pleasant environment for everyone to enjoy, with less traffic and better air quality.

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number of park and ride sites: 3

other information:

• Safe parking with CCTV
• Disabled parking
• Child and parent parking
• Motorhome parking (South Winchester only)

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