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Glasgow Park and Ride information

Glasgow has 5 Park and Ride locations serving the city and the local area. Three are subway based and two are further afield in Halbeath and Kincardine enabling commuters and visitors to travel at their ease into the city centre.

legoland park and ride marker Shields Road Park and Ride (subway) GPS G5 8PL
park and ride marker Bridge Street Park and Ride (subway) GPS G5 9NR
park and ride marker Kelvinbridge Park and Ride (subway) GPS G4 9HG
park and ride marker Halbeath Park and Ride (bus) GPS KY11 7EG
park and ride marker Kincardine Park and Ride (bus) GPS FK10 4NT

All subway Park and Rides have large parking areas. Onward journey is via subway into Glasgow city centre, except Kincardine and Halbeath which are bus-based.
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number of park and ride sites: 5

other information:

Bridge Street: Subway-based, CCTV, 159 parking spaces

Kelvinbridge: Subway-based, CCTV, 150 parking spaces, disabled parking

Shields Road: Subway-based, CCTV, 800 parking spaces, disabled parking, shop/snacks,
cycle storage, realtime information

Kincardine: Bus-based, 67 parking spaces, no disabled access, park free and pay on bus

Halbeath: Bus-based, 1021 parking spaces, disabled parking, cycle lockers, electric charging points, CCTV, staffed, heated terminal building,
toilets, vending machines, travel information

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